About us

We are a young and very dynamic team, interested to contribute in our candidates and clients development. We consider that every human interaction can be a learning process. Because we are interested of every human being and we enjoy growing together, we developed our services in the HR domain.

Whether it is about recruitment and selection, consulting, training and teambuilding, all our services are made with enthusiasm, interest and professionalism.

We have a beautiful collaboration relationship with Human Performance Development International Company (HPDI) from Bucharest and together we offer training and teambuilding programs which respond to identified needs of the companies in West area of the country.

For us, evolution is important, therefore we constantly innovate the content of these services.

HPDI Company assures solutions and full development services within human resources leadership performance.

HPDI uses a modern approach based on adaptability to partners objective, fast and effective assessment, permanent monitoring of the development processes and unique concepts for each company. All thanks to a team of experienced trainers and consultants.

For more details visit: www.hpdi.ro

HPDI are Jim Bagnola’s representatives in Romania, and with them, we represent Jim in the west of the country.

Jim Bagnola is a known international speaker, executive coach and consultant. He is an expert in leadership and organizational culture, focuses on influence of thought patterns on health, happiness, success and capacity for coordination. He received an award presented by the National Speakers Association, which included him in the top speakers in North America. Jim was also included in „Top 30 professional leaders in the world” by International Leadership Guru. He is Doctor Honoris Causa at la USAMV Bucharest and consultant for NASA, NATO, US Secret Service.

For more details visit:  www.jimbagnola.ro/en/

The experience gained so far with the desire to be valuable partners for our customers, position us among the few companies that provides comprehensive and professional human resources services. Either as recruitment and selection, training, teambuilding or consultancy, since 2005 we grow and enjoy together!

Step Up Team
Lucia Cărămidariu
Our Evolution
Step Up history began since 2005
Since 2005 we have collected many beautiful stories, built with professionalism and dedication. The main characters were companies that used our services, candidates who were interested in a new career and specialists who mediated all processes.

People are the most valuable component of an organization. Not only we have this vision, but also HPDI team. Therefore, in 2013 we started a beautiful collaboration with HPDI team, who are specialized in providing training, teambuilding and are Jim Bagnola's representatives in Romania.

People are transformed into teams when expectations, motivations, goals and attitudes converge to a common path. So we decided to contribute together to the development of employees and companies, by delivering training and teambuilding in the west of the country.

We know the importance of a united and efficient team and that is why we considered very important the collaboration with HPDI.

Why HPDI? Because they are a young team that offers a new approach of teambuilding and training, because they have been trained to form and especially because their courses integrated theoretical and practical aspects addressed by Jim Bagnola in his conferences and his courses .
We are a team engaged with enthusiasm and openness; those business partners who always adapt processes based on customer needs; consultants that focus on empathy, but also promptly achieving goals; trainers that examine, teach and learn from each participant.

Every story is written in time and the time for us has always been a learning tool. We thank our customers and candidates for their trust. With you we discovered THE JOY OF GROWING TOGETHER!
Our Values
Vision, Mission and Values
Are the concepts that guides us in our work, representing a source of inspiration and motivation.
Step Up will always be one of the first solutions in HR for companies who want to develop their business.
Step Up makes the diffrenece in human resources, adding real value to the collaboratores due to enthuziast specialists.
We enjoy growing together!
- we keep in touch with the latest news in HR;
- we are always looking for ways of improving the quality of our services;
- we believe in continuous learning;
- we develop new services;
- we conquer new markets;
- we grow together with with our clients;
- we always want more and better;
- we embrace and challenge changes!
- we love what we do;
- we attack each project with enthusiasm;
- we enjoy and celebrate each success;
- what we do is not a job – is called passion!
- we offer comfort, support and confidentiality to both our clients and candidates;
- we appreciate fair play and we play by the same rule in relation with our collaborators;
- we assure the quality of our services;
- we quickly answer to your request;
- we develop long lasting relations with our collaborators;
- we respect our commitments.
People orietened (clients/ candidates/employers/ community/ suppliers)
- we create open and honest relations based on communication;
- we stay close to both our clients and candidates;
- we are empathetic and athletic;
- we offer you our services with an open mind and a lot of smiles.