Hire and Coach


We offer support in recruiting specialists from various domains and help them integrate in the company in the first 3 – 6 months from hiring.

Why this service?

  • Because only hiring the right person doesn’t assure us performance. Even though our new colleague has the experience and abilities needed for the position, we need to create the perfect environment – only this way, this person will start to understand the organizational culture and step by step will adapt to it
  • The first months at a new job are full of questions, insecurities and uncertainty. Also, there are times when the hiring manager doesn’t have the time or resources needed to integrate the new colleague
  • Because each one of us needs coaching from time to time, furthermore when we are in a new job, with different rules and expectations
  • Because when the expectations from both parties are not aligned, will affect the collaboration. We consider that is important to manage each different point of view from the early beginning
  • The employees are more open minded to an external consultant.

This service is for you if:

  • You are not interested only in hiring the right person, but you also want to make sure that the integration is a healthy process in the organization
  • You want an outside point of view and you want it to be solution focused
  • You would like to manage the probability of a conflict or of a misunderstanding caused by poor communication

This service implies:

  • The recruitment process for the open position
  • Support in the hiring process for the employer
  • Setting the time frame (3 or 6 months) in which the Step Up consultant will offer support and coaching for the new employee
  • Set 5 coaching sessions: with the new employee, the manager and / or with the new colleagues from the team
  • The coaching sessions will respond to both employee and employer needs: set the objectives, manage the tense situations, communication problems, stress management and others.