Open Training


“If you’re not getting what you want, you either have to change your goal or change your behavior. Which will it be?”

Jim Bagnola

This society we live in doesn’t accept anyone to stop. We’re always in a hurry and in an urge to know more and move faster. We must adapt, evolve and develop our knowledge, but also our abilities at work, in order to grow, both personally and professionally. The technical abilities and knowledge are important, but not the only ones that assure our success at work.

Together with HPDI we organize in the west side of our country, different training that help each one of  us evolve. You will find in our titles, courses like: Customer Service, Change Management, Leader as a Coach, Intercultural Leadership, Becoming a Professional Human Being, Leading is everybody’s business, Team Leadership, Work-Life Balance, People Management, Boosting Innovation, Time for feedback, Emotional Intelligence.

We propose you a deal. Come and meet both Step Up & HPDI teams at our open training organized  in Timisoara.See you at the open training?