We offer you many hiring opportunities in various domains, all of them available in the companies we collaborate with. You will also have our support and guidelines in making your way to your dream job!
Your needs, your wishes and your desired job – we can facilitate your way to the perfect mix! We don’t promise you miracles, but we can step you up nearer your targeted employer.
We offer professional support to employers that are looking to identify the right candidates.
Step Up through Coaching | Developing different human resources procedures
In collaboration with HPDI we offer you more than a team building. We know how important this kind of event is for you, and that’s why we want to link the activities to the objectives and the values of your company.
It is difficult to recruit the suitable candidates for the HR department and to check all the requirements, abilities and personality.
Every human being is unique in its way and every company has its own particularities which makes it different from the others.
We offer support in recruiting specialists from various domains and help them integrate in the company in the first 3 – 6 months from hiring.