HeRo on the job – Experiential training


It is difficult to recruit the suitable candidates for the HR department and to check all the requirements, abilities and personality. It is more difficult when we need to recruit this person for our team, right? 😊 And that’s the moment when we start to juggle between experience, abilities, personality – to recheck the ideal profile because we realize, after many time spent on searching, that finding the best match is almost impossible. If for your team you choose personality and not experience – than we congratulate you!

We want to transfer our expertise to the new members of HR domain that don’t have so much experience. Depending on the abilities of the new colleague, we can develop new skills required to a recruiter. How do we do this? With an on the job training which can last between 1 and 3 months.

Why this service?

  • We consider that the abilities and values of a person who would like to start the career in HR are the most important. Experience will accumulate amongst time
  • Our experience can help the new members of HR domain and we love to share what we know!

This if for you if you have someone in the team with little experience and you don’t have the internal resources needed to train that person.

This service implies:

  • Needs analysis and expectations of the employer
  • Evaluation of the know how that the employee has
  • Objective setting
  • Presenting sessions of different HR concepts
  • Shadowing next to someone with experience
  • Participating in the recruitment process, role play, coaching